About Me

Kyle's latest work is focused on developing a deeper sense of emotional intrigue and connection within his images, imprinting a small piece of himself within his work. "The last couple of years have been exciting, quality branding is very important and I spent a lot of time improving the technical aspects of my photography and pushing my boundaries to make sure that I reflect all the brands I work with to the best of my ability. I now plan to refocus on the emotional connection and story-line within my images to create want and desire with my photography".


Kyle has many influences that have shaped his work and style over the years, this is but a short list of the people who inspire him everyday: 

Rob Grimm - Commercial Food, Beverage & Product photographer, with a deeply graphic style and a perfectionist mentality, particularly in regards to his clients' branding needs, making sure they have everything they didn't realise they needed.

Erik Almas - Advertising photographer who creates conceptually beautiful artwork for big global brands, with a style that is both 'contemplative and thoughtful' and of which is heavily location driven.

Jake Hicks - Editorial and Fashion photographer with a vibrant & colourful photographic style, and an in-depth technical knowledge of colour theory. 

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