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  1. Architectural Photography, is it really that expensive?

    The short answer is, no! Not when we look at the value the photographs bring to your business. But what is their value? How do I justify the cost? Where is the value in paying an Architectural photographer to photograph my project To answer those questions instead of taking it…

  2. Why do I need High-End Hospitality & Residential Photography?

    Okay, I understand what you might be thinking, I am a little biased on this topic, right? And you would be correct, I believe that great imagery whether that be Photography, Videography, or Design are the most important tools to grow your business from doing ‘okay’ and ‘getting by’ to…

  3. Working as a production assistant for PRO EDU

    Ever wanted to work as a Production Assistant? Heard that it is one of the best forms of meeting/working for your idols and that starting at the bottom of the totem-pole is an admiral start to your career? Well guess what, even if you have been in the industry for…

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