Why do I need High-End Hospitality & Residential Photography?

Okay, I understand what you might be thinking, I am a little biased on this topic, right? And you would be correct, I believe that great imagery whether that be Photography, Videography, or Design are the most important tools to grow your business from doing ‘okay’ and ‘getting by’ to being wildly successful! 

I believe in it so much, I invested my own money into my business and thousands of hours into learning my craft as a photographer. I love the feeling of creating work that gets people the results they need to achieve their dreams!

13 years ago, as a fresh-faced Graphic Designer straight out of college, I was ready to tackle the design world thinking I was going to work with beautiful pieces of art every day! I was quickly brought back to earth and found out that clients couldn’t understand the ROI (Return On Investment) in having the best imagery for their company’s branding and marketing efforts, and why the imagery they chose to invest in weren’t delivering the results they desired or needed. 

Clients understood why they loved and bought high-end consumer products like Apple and Nike because of their top quality branding and advertising, but there was a disconnect in them appreciating the importance in using the best quality work for their own companies. They mistakenly felt that marketing was where they could save their pennies, by using cheaper options. You get what you pay for, right?

So, why do you need better imagery for your Hotel or Agency? Why can’t you just use your mobile phone or have your friend’s niece or son who’s in college and owns a ‘nice’ camera take the photos? Well, you can, but as I mentioned above it’s not going to deliver the results you’re hoping for. In the end, it will cost you money having to have the work redone and potential sales in the meantime! 

Let’s take a look at some of the top complaints within these industries to see why higher quality photographs will be beneficial.

Among the top complaints received by:


  • Dated features.
  • Overcharging.
  • Small beds.

I’ve personally known people within this industry, and I know these are only a small amount of the complaints hotels receive daily! So anything that can be done to lessen the bad reviews is going to be greatly appreciated! 

Whilst better imagery might not help if a hotel’s features are dated, they can certainly help in highlighting the selling points of the hotel instead! Making sure to update your photographs regularly is going to keep your hotel looking modern and appealing online. Correctly portraying your rooms will also let people be aware of the rooms and what they can expect. People who complain about price usually feel like they either haven’t gotten their monies worth or don’t truly understand the value of the product or service you’re providing. Instead of trying to convince people why they should stay with you purely on price point, great photographs are already convincing them the value of your property, doing half of the sales work for you! 

Estate Agents

  • Communication.
  • Poor quality photography.
  • Delay in the marketing of the property.

With a society that has gained a better understanding of their consumer rights, it has never been more important to appear as a professional company who is going to deliver the best service to their clients, and the way to do that is through high-quality branding. Clients need to feel like they (and their property) are going to get a top-level service with you and that they’re going to get their monies worth. Why would someone not accept sub-par service at a restaurant at a small cost, but accept poor service with the sale of their largest asset at a high cost? Clients talk the most when they’ve received bad service, and if you’re charging them for photographs they could take themselves they aren’t going to be happy. This is backed by the fact that the Property Ombudsman has been seeing an increasing number of complaints against Agencies each year! 



  • Increased Room bookings.
  • Improve your Brand image.
  • Better ROI on your marketing budget.
  • Increased value perception.


  • Increased sales.
  • Improve your Brand image. 
  • Better ROI on your marketing budget.
  • Increased business via word-of-mouth.

By standing out from the crowd of amateur/mobile photography, you’re going to get more engagement with your listings, increase cash-flow for your business, and clients will feel like they got their monies worth. It’s not a matter of why should you have better imagery for your business, it’s a matter of can you afford to not have your best foot forward in a sea of competition on the internet?

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