Corporate Headshots

They are an important piece of the puzzle for my client's business strategy and I love shooting them. First impressions count, and sending the right message to your prospective client even more so, which is where I come in.

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Group Shots

Trying to organise everyone's calendar for a group shot can sometimes be a logistical nightmare, especially if you have a large team and different members of staff needing to travel to meetings on a daily basis. Then, when you finally get the photo for your marketing material two members of staff leave the company and one joins, and because of the price you paid for it you use it anyway. With composited (stitched together) group shots you can easily, and cost effectively, add or remove members of staff without having to re-arrange everyone's diary.

Different backgrounds

Depending on your branding and personal taste, you might need to have a different background or a black & white image to match your website.

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