The Process

Whether you have or haven't hired an architectural photographer before, I make it as simple as possible!

Where to start?

The estimate. It is important to know what you can expect and how much it is going to cost for your project!

We begin by discussing your needs and the specifics of the job. This includes the location of the project, amount of images needed, intended usage of the images and timeframe for project completion.

My goal is to know exactly what your needs are and not have you pay for 'extras' you might not benefit from for your intended usage, ergo saving you money!


I operate using two basic fees: Photographers Fee and Post-Production Fee.

Photographers Fee - Architecture - This fee covers time on location, equipment, lighting, one assistant, moving furniture, staging, a 8-12 hour day from morning until night to capture the location in a wide array of lighting conditions. The creative fee also includes a boilerplate set of standard licensing rights.

Post Production Fee: After the initial shoot, I spend a significant amount of time editing your images to make them perfect. This can include colour correction, retouching, compositing, and preparing master files for final delivery. It is not unusual for the Post Production work to consume as much time as the photography and longer.

What is cost-sharing?

Sharing the cost of a project is a common and valuable practice in building photography. It is very beneficial to consider other parties who might benefit from photographs of your project: The owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, tenants, product manufacturers, engineers, etc. We charge a licensing fee for each additional party, then divide the total fee by the number of parties involved, which can lead to huge savings for each client.


Developing great working relationships with my clients is very important to me, and as in all relationships communication is key!

This stage of the process is where you and I will have a meeting to go over the floor plan to really make sure I understand and appreciate the story of the architecture through your narrative.

We will discuss our shot-list, time-frame and if there are any other parties who would benefit from the photos to bring onboard in order to keep your costs down.


This is where all the logistical work is done in preparation for the shoot. Items like travel, equipment, models, styling, parking, security, etc. are all things that need to be thought of in detail to make sure that everything runs smoothly as possible!

I also make sure I am covered by my business insurance which includes liability for our time on-site.


The day has arrived! We're ready and prepped to conquer. The architectural/interior shoot is an 8-12 hour day from morning until night to capture the location in a wide array of lighting conditions. We spend time setting up equipment, lighting, moving furniture, staging and putting everything back exactly where it was before at the end of the day.

I wirelessly connect to my camera allowing us to review the images together on a larger screen for more efficient collaboration.


After the photoshoot comes the post-production work we spoke about in the backstage page. You will receive your images as a full-resolution file via a digital download. I also include digital archiving of your images for 6 months just in case you misplace your photographs!

Still have questions?

Check out my FAQ page! I go through some additional questions you might have.

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